Elmsfield Lake Track

Located in [Elmsfield]
Upcoming Events

TitleServer DatePrize Fund
Qual for Professional Deathrace2014-04-21 07:00:00$0
Professional Deathrace2014-04-21 09:00:00$34781
Qual #1 for Elmsfield Summer Classic League Race W2014-04-21 21:00:00$0
Qual #2 for Elmsfield Summer Classic League Race W2014-04-22 21:00:00$0
Qual #3 for Elmsfield Summer Classic League Race W2014-04-23 19:00:00$0
Elmsfield Summer Classic League Race Week 12014-04-23 21:00:00$15255
Qual #1 for Elmsfield Summer Classic League Race W2014-04-24 21:00:00$0
Qual #2 for Elmsfield Summer Classic League Race W2014-04-25 21:00:00$0
Qual #3 for Elmsfield Summer Classic League Race W2014-04-26 19:00:00$0
Elmsfield Summer Classic League Race Week 12014-04-26 21:00:00$15255
Qual for Professional Deathrace2014-04-27 18:00:00$0
Professional Deathrace2014-04-27 20:00:00$37679
Qual for Professional Deathrace2014-04-28 14:00:00$0
Professional Deathrace2014-04-28 16:00:00$34781
Qual for Professional Deathrace2014-04-29 11:00:00$0
Professional Deathrace2014-04-29 13:00:00$28985
Qual #1 for Elmsfield Two Guineas League Deathrace2014-05-11 21:00:00$0
Qual #2 for Elmsfield Two Guineas League Deathrace2014-05-12 21:00:00$0
Qual #3 for Elmsfield Two Guineas League Deathrace2014-05-13 19:00:00$0
Elmsfield Two Guineas League Deathrace Week 22014-05-13 21:00:00$34324
Qual #1 for Elmsfield Two Guineas League Deathrace2014-05-14 21:00:00$0
Qual #2 for Elmsfield Two Guineas League Deathrace2014-05-15 21:00:00$0
Qual #3 for Elmsfield Two Guineas League Deathrace2014-05-16 19:00:00$0
Elmsfield Two Guineas League Deathrace Week 22014-05-16 21:00:00$34324

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Records set with stock-cars in race situations.

Best Laptime
49.92Frank HoltPA Racers2014-01-29

Lap Records - TurboLandrunner
70.85Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-10-20
73.83Pat ConleyQuantum Symphony2014-01-12
74.41Gary VallesQuantum Symphony2013-12-15

Lap Records - Vintage Eaton
54.8'Inflatable' Barbara NecaiseHighway Hellriders2010-11-10
62.03'Inflatable' Barbara NecaiseHighway Hellriders2010-11-10
65.04David SalazarScallions2012-08-16

Lap Records - Racing Buggy
88.86Manuel 'Live a' LittleSand Storm2011-10-29
89.31Manuel 'Live a' LittleSand Storm2011-10-29
92.19Benjamin 'stub' StandiferPA Racers2011-04-27

Lap Records - Vampire
58.02Mickey MosesShadow Pack2014-01-07
58.4Julio LyonsThe Pikers2012-05-07
59.84Robert 'Bazooka' HarringtonHot Trax2011-07-31

Lap Records - Racing Symphony
69.3Fred 'Flint' StoneRaging Scavengers2013-05-16
69.74Gary VallesQuantum Symphony2013-12-15
71.1Dale CraigPA Racers2013-11-09

Lap Records - Sporty Van
79.44Dale CraigPA Racers2013-10-31
80.85George JohnsonAngels Six2011-11-12
80.99Chad HarlowMyconidDream2013-10-31

Lap Records - Standard Alpha
71.15'Too Fast' Danika PatrickGarage Boyz2009-11-30
73.72Mark WilkersonJoels Bastards2009-12-19
77.06Mark WilkersonJoels Bastards2009-12-19

Lap Records - DeVille
49.92Frank HoltPA Racers2014-01-29
51.4Richard 'Hammer' AdamsPA Racers2014-01-28
52.42Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-08-22

Lap Records - Racing Alpha
66.78Efrain WareZen Psychotics2010-03-05
68.15Christopher 'Gump' GraftonQuantum Symphony2014-03-28
69.57Catherine NavarroMyconidDream2013-11-05

Lap Records - Pickup
72.71Kenneth Lyons69th Battalion 2012-05-06
72.9Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2010-05-25
74.53Phil 'Philadelphia' CollinsThe Griefing Griefers of Grief2010-03-06

Lap Records - Marley
62.13Lucas 'Emo Kid' SouthardJoels Bastards2012-01-07
64.19Edna McLaughlinPA Racers2012-01-07
66.51'Highside' Jonathan CliftonBlood Roses2012-05-04

Lap Records - Marley 1L
65.4Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-11-27
65.54Helen Krebs-Stoa-2010-03-19
66.2Derrick QuinteroDireWolf2012-11-24

Lap Records - Colt
60.59Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-08-16
60.97'Nasty' Naomi AndradeHot Trax2013-05-14
62.27Mark WilkersonJoels Bastards2010-03-13

Lap Records - Colt 5
57.53Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-09-26
58.55Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-09-26
60.59Christopher 'Gump' GraftonQuantum Symphony2014-01-15

Lap Records - Sunbeam
63.6Phil 'Philadelphia' CollinsThe Griefing Griefers of Grief2010-01-18
64.43Benjamin 'stub' StandiferPA Racers2011-07-27
64.74Frank HoltPA Racers2013-11-16

Lap Records - Racing Dustup
75.15Mary JanesThe Rat Pack2011-10-25
76.13Edward JonesThe Crayons2011-10-25
77.46Mary JanesThe Rat Pack2011-10-25

Lap Records - Mercenary v8
62.37Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-10-19
62.75Benjamin 'stub' StandiferPA Racers2011-02-09
64.95Edward JonesThe Crayons2011-10-19

Lap Records - Sonicracer
70.63Paul HayhurstThe Pikers2011-11-27
70.95'Nasty' Naomi AndradeHot Trax2013-04-15
74.06Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-11-12

Lap Records - Racing Moose
62.58Harvey 'Shaves His' StaffordSan Jose Baggers2013-04-26
64.4Marge 'Simpson' BeauvaisSwordStroke Enterprises2012-05-16
64.69Harvey 'Shaves His' StaffordSan Jose Baggers2013-04-26

Lap Records - Racing Chevalie
62.96Margaret 'Darla' CaudillPA Racers2012-01-11
63.06Lexie WintersThe Vagabonds2011-09-12
64.78Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-11-07

Lap Records - Voyager1
62.13Monty KempHot Trax2013-12-09
62.43Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-08-27
62.85Nancy JenkinsRaging Jackalope2013-11-30

Lap Records - Flashracer
64.8Harvey 'Shaves His' StaffordSan Jose Baggers2013-05-07
69.28Walter 'Wheels' CoxKing of Clubs2012-05-27
70.09Edward 'Mr. Ed' KnowlesDraggin Dragons2012-09-01

Lap Records - Nitro Buccaneer
57.29Robert 'Bazooka' HarringtonHot Trax2012-06-01
58.84Robert 'Bazooka' HarringtonHot Trax2012-06-01
60.12John O'BryanTeam Bansi2011-08-15

Lap Records - Speed Runner
67.04Joan TuckerPA Racers2012-06-20
67.18Joseph 'The ghost' Falgoustsunset samurai2012-06-20
70.62Joseph 'The ghost' Falgoustsunset samurai2012-06-20

Lap Records - Moray
59.24Jackson 'Im not Irish' McCulloughRenshai2011-10-19
61.8Jackson 'Im not Irish' McCulloughRenshai2011-10-19
62.19Alma MayneHerms Hammers2010-07-11

Lap Records - Turin
53.87Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-09-22
55.99Kyle Petty-^-HellRazors-^-2011-09-22
56.03James QuincyPA Racers2013-03-06

Lap Records - Osprey
64.45Judy 'Weasley' BeasleyPeacekeepers2010-01-21
85.64Esther DempseySteel Sparks2010-01-21
86.37Randall MylesGhost Wing2010-01-21