So What If DW2 Took A New Direction?


Posted Dec 5, 2016, 5:22 pm

This post will probably be way too long and I will probably meander all over the place during my scribbles.

The past couple months, and especially the past couple weeks, I have been feeling like I want to try my hand at making a video game.

It is no secret I love this DW game. Managing a crew of characters vs. playing a single toon is the very coolest thing in DW to me.

I have always thought that a Battletech style mech game would be awesome with a DW character set-up. Imagine hiring your mech-warriors, your mechanics, and your scouts, crewing your mechs, and sending them into battle.

"Story" On the far side of Evan, tens of thousands of miles away from the Somerset Region, another region of post apocalyptic survivors are fighting for their lives.

The broken terrain of the region forced the evolution of giant walking machines, mechs, to become the primary vehicles of the region.

I know Battletech can't actually be used, there is an actual Battletech game in development. It looks pretty cool.

I propose to make a Mechwind, a Darkwind vision of a Mech World.

So all management would take place like in DW. Hire guys, build mechs, outfit squads, team up with others, fight PvE, or PvP against the other faction.

So what would the battles look like? To get this game on phones and other devices, plus PC, I am thinking using a very traditional Battletech inspired hexgrid map, not to be confused with Hexgrid, and using the Speed skill to determine turn order for turn resolution.

Big battles may take awhile, but each individual turn should go by quickly, keeping the game moving for players and spectators alike.

So how could a hexgrid map look good? I've seen a few hex maps in a couple of games that look pretty good. Use some destructible terrain to enhance visual, and carry over the damage texts from DW. That's some of the best stuff in the game is the vehicles and gangers taking damage, and would really enhance a hexgrid map's visuals during battles.

Okay, so what would I want to keep from DW?

Permadeath, having a large company of mercenaries, building and outfitting mechs, joining squads with other players, fighting AI or PvP.

The skills and specs will have to be changed. Some will have to be dropped, some added. Skills and specs will have to be earned way faster than in DW, because death is going to come for these guys quickly and often.

So anyways, what do you guys think?

I think I'd call it Mechwind : Darkwind 1.5


Posted Dec 5, 2016, 7:11 pm
I would be interested in having a look at it thats for sure, I have always liked mechwarrior, from the very first one right through to looking forward to the 5th one coming out.

Sounds like it could have a lot of merit combining the 2 styles of games.

All in all a top idea I say! If it ever gets to testing phase, I will definately help you test it out.

Posted Jun 14, 2017, 1:44 pm
IS it happening? does anyone know? Haven't seen SAM in months- so he must be working hard on DW2!  :thinking:
*The X Man*

Posted Jun 14, 2017, 8:14 pm
So needy :p relax and work your camp

Posted Aug 7, 2022, 5:36 pm
this is a pretty coo concept. Although, there is already a game that is sort of like that if you are fine with something that is normal tile turn based rather than the 1 sec. turns of dark-wind. "Megamek" It basically computerizes the boardgame/rpg of battle tech. And it has full company management and stuff.
Although, I think a more physics focused turn based mek game could be cool too.