Keep it lo pro


Posted May 23, 2021, 8:38 am
Kathleen Dardin walked in the Grainne Uaile. She never understood how to pronounce that. She always just called the Granule. She pulled up to the bar and asked for some drinks. Back at a table near the windows, her driver and 'special' friend were sitting. He had his hood pulled up. His kind weren't welcome in most places outside of Firelight or Shanty.

"What do you see my friend", she asked as she plopped the ales down on the table.

Paul looked up her and said, "we aren't welcome here. Many would like to do us harm. They won't move openly against us inside the truck stop. But they will meet us the gates every day, and might even find the courage to attack us with fists in the alleys."

Kathleen nodded. "That is why we are here. We gotta make em forget about the past, make em see us as heroes."

A man in a dusty racing jacket stepped up to the table. His red star emblazoned on his shoulder. "Much has happened since then. The men you betrayed have all been killed and those who remember are dead or broken. Except me. I remember, but I can be forgiving." He paused. "If you help me."