Death - For Immediate Release


Posted Sep 25, 2022, 2:37 am
GATEWAY - Frank C*ckroach, 61, passed away peacefully in his palace on January 1, 2108 after a brief illness.

He was born September 24, 2047 in Somerset, Evan, the son of the Dale 'Rattlesnake' Longo and Annabel 'Multi-Tasker' Adams.

Frank was the Legendary Leader of Longo's Merry Men. Frank enjoyed drinking with the gang in the various establishments of Evan and building and acquiring rares, a market which created a very large fortune. Frank also had a love for the mutant folk of Evan and always treated them as family.

He is survived by 3 mutant wives, many illegitimate children, and his heir to the throne Omar 'The Hawk" Hawkins. He was proceeded in death by numerous gang members, including 115 Hall of Famers.

Frank will be buried out behind the palace. A 21 car cannon salute will be held in the rear parking lot of Mezcal's in Gateway on January 2, 2047 at server reset. The family will receive friends directly following the car cannon salute at a celebration of life at Mezcal's.

Memorials may be made to the Save a Mutant Foundation, 1 Longo Drive, Gateway, Evan.


Posted Sep 26, 2022, 1:03 pm
The two MADHAT reps in Gateway raise a glass...

"I remember when he was playing around with paint and made that cool Lorry skin..."


Posted Sep 27, 2022, 4:46 am
'Platinum' Micheal Mangold leader of mcspankys lollipop gangstas hears the news and smiles.

'If it wasnt for old man frankie ordering his men to kill our former leader, i might still be working in the offgrid barracks of shantyville, thanks to him i got out of camp and was sent to lead our gang, he had alot left to learn about leadership, but for now hes the highest ranking leader in evan hall of fame to ever pass away, we salute ya frankie, hopefully you follow the yellow brick road to heaven, just keep an eye out for old james 't' kirk he might be ready to throw a few punches when ya get to dw heaven'