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Slaughtered..., Again?
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John Forte, permanent resident of Elmsfield, in the name of Road Ronins enters at Joe's and heads quickly to the bar.
He looks really upset.

"Joe gimme a large glass of that special drink you are hidding behind, here...", he says while pointing his finger to THE secret place.

"Nah", says Joe with a nod, " that woul' kill you John".

"That couldn't be worse", says John, visibly drained,"our travel squad has been jumped a few kilometers from the town, and we lost all the vehicles, all four!, as well as 2 more Ronins: Carol Mitchel and Jorge Nash.".

Joe takes a large glass and fill it with a brown liquid, taken from a dusty dark bottle, before passing it to John.

"6 survived, Joe, but they will keep the medics busy for the evening", and without any more comments he drinks the glass at once, as a Road Ronins does, and then without a word he walkss slowly to the exit, worried about his gang mates.
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