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The Farm
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On a farm north of Elmsfield Collins was sitting on his porch and sipping pumpkin hooch with his old friend Lucky. The two veteran deathracers were looking out over the fruits of their new line of work; growing pumpkins. Collins turned to Lucky and started up a conversation.

“The crop is coming along nicely”


“It looks like we’ll get some nice ones this year”


“…now that we took care of those mutant potato bugs”

“Yep, we sure took care of them bugs”

“Potato bugs sure love pumpkins. They go crazy for them. It’s like Zerk to them”

“Yep. Like Zerk”

Collins took another sip of his ‘shine. He paused a moment his eyes distant in though. Then said, “Gawd dang farmin’ is boring”

“Yea it is”

“I’ve been thinking about the old days lately. I’ve thought about them a lot in fact. I really miss being in The Show.”

“Me too man. Me too.”

“At least our retirement is a safe one”

“But it’s so boring”

“It is that. Ya know, I hear there’s a dirt track on the back of the Rodriguez farm. They host races there some times, just for fun.”

“Yep. There’s one this weekend during the kegger”

“Kegger? What kegger? No one invited me!”

“No one likes you.”

“What? I’m still cool”


“Whatever man, it doesn’t matter. Let’s do that race. I’ll show ‘em what’s what. Let’s go to the barn and get the Baron ready.”

"Alright then. Now we're talkin' "
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