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Doing it right
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Adalberto rolled into Elmsfield feeling a little downtrodden. He had been running the Morgan crew successfully for the last couple years, but had been kicked down to Gateway and then kicked down to Elmsfield. Well, running the Morgan crew was a bit of a stretch. Mary Graves had picked him as the leader, and the other two guys weren't going to argue, but his shooting skill had ended at a rather low plateau. Upper management decided his skills might be better served in a quieter town and thus, he was in the most boring of all places.

Jason Carpenter met him and his driver Louise at the gang offices. Louise stayed just long enough to eat, load up her car and head back out to Gateway. "Gotta get back out before the slavers we ran through make it here. Sucks when they catch you at the gates," she said.

"So, who is stationed here, and what are they good at?", Adalberto asked Jason.

"Well, we got two guys in rehab: one from Somerset and one from Gateway. Not sure what they normally do. Pretty Boyd is out at Bullet Farm right now and he is our heavy gunner. He is getting Ruthie Allen some field training to see if we can fix her bad habits. She has been bored and lonely out there and has started drinking and stuff. We may have to pull her and stick her in rehab again, but we are not sure how the Bullet Boys will feel about losing her for awhile. Then there is me. I have been here a little over a year, but they really didn't let me do much field work and the gun ranges here are questionable at best, so my training has been a bit sketchy."

Adalberto could feel a headache coming on. "Well what do you have in the way of fast scout cars? Something with an mmg or car rifle."

"Hmmm...", Jason scratched his head. "We could fix up Dune Treader. It is a Sunny we confiscated from someone. It is in pretty decent shape. Take about a day."
It actually took two days, but Adalberto was fine with that. He was really geared up to get outside of town and look around. "So, Jason, how is your driving?"

"I know how to drive."

"Sounds good. You drive and I'll man the gun. We'll head towards JeeDub and see if we can find some slavers. They were running some nice equipment when they chased us on the way here."

Jason's face went a little pale. "You sure that is a good idea? I am not much at scouting."

"Should be fine. This is Elmsfield; what could happen."

They loaded the car up, got in and headed across the bridge. Jason turned Dune Treader onto the road and started accelerating when he looked in the mirror and gasped.

Adalberto looked back. "Wow, it does suck when they catch you at the gates. They are coming up fast. Can we outrun them?"

"Their gaining pretty fast, I don't think so."

"Well head off road so we can get terrain between us and them. It looks like they are running heavies."

"Yeeaahh...when I said I could drive, I didn't mean off road at speed."

Adalberto felt something in his brain breaking. "Really? What kind of driving did you think it would be? Oh never mind, just do the best you can. I really don't want to go to Firelight today."

Jason was concentrating as best he could, but this car was jumping way too much. It was definitely not set up for this. He could see a path, though, if he could just...
And then the car went and upended coming down slowly onto its roof. They looked at each other.

"Firelight might not be so bad," Jason said, "maybe we should surrender before the shooting starts."

Adalberto sighed, "Firelight or death. Let me think about this for a sec. Anyways, they are coming pretty fast, maybe they will run past and I can blast them. Just get ready to drive if the car miraculously flips over." The light of glee in his eyes and calm smile was making Jason a bit nervous.

The bullets came screaming past the car to start, but then the thunderous impact of bullet on armor started. Ka-bam, Ka-bam. The left side of the car was being peeled away. Adalberto watched the approaching vehicles wondering if he would actually have to surrender, kicked even farther down the hole to Firelight. Yuck. But then the lead car took a bad bounce and continued on by as the second car cut to tight and ran into Dune Treader, causing it to flip upright.

"It is on bitches," yelled Adalberto, drilling his mmg into the side of the slaver vehicle. " Get us back to the gates, man."

Jason was white-knuckling the steering wheel and stomping on the gas. He wanted to turn back towards the road, but that would expose their left side and the daylight pouring through was clearly stating that was a bad idea. He could feel every time the mmg fired. The slavers guns were kicking dirt up in front of them and he hoped his swerving would continue to mess up their aim. If he could just make it over the two hills in front of him, they could get back in the gates.

Dune Treader cleared the first hill without taking any hits, but at the start of the climb for the second hill it took and bad bounce and lost speed. Jason looked back to see cars cresting the first hill and the bullets started coming. "Damn!", he thought, but he had to turn left to avoid going in the water. A bullet slammed into the left side of the car sending shrapnel flying through the interior. Adalberto grunted as a small piece hit him. And then they were out of the line of fire and heading back towards the gates.

"Slow down," said Adalberto, " I am bleeding now and really pissed off. If they both come over the hill, we head into town. Otherwise we crush them."

The vehicle that had taken several rounds to its side came over the hill alone. A huge crashing noise indicated that maybe the other one was done. Adalberto smiled and started pulling the trigger. Bullets were smashing into the slaver car. Then click-click. "Uh, drive. I need to reload."

Jason started pulling forward trying to protect the weak side. The slaver was starting to pull away when Adalberto yelled, "Got it", and he started firing again. "Back up! It looks like he is out."

Jason backed up the car and stopped. Adalberto started to get out, but Jason looked at him and said "Why don't you cover me while I pull him out."

Jason walked up to the stopped vehicle with his pistol out. Something in the car looked like it was moving and he fired a shot, but then he got up there and realized the driver was out. Adalberto yelled, "Hey, pull him out and then drive it into town before somebody else gets here."

"So is this how things were in Morgan?" Jason asked.

"Nah, this went much smoother than some of those scouts. Usually we were outnumbered five or so to one. Thankfully Mary was a good gunner, but we usually ran out of ammo. Looks like Elmsfield might be fun if we do it right."

"Well, lets try to define right as not sitting upside down in the car being shot at."

Adalberto smiled, "Ah, that reminds me. I signed you up for several upcoming races. We need to improve your high speed driving."

OOC - 1 point of courage for a guy with 30 courage. No leadership gain. I guess Darkwind was not impressed.
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