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Silly Mistakes, Lost a Lorry and Buzzer
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It had been a rough ride to camp. They'd been inactive as a gang for almost 2 years, and nothing makes you more prone to mistakes than lack of practice. Those two years had been spent vacationing in the city and ignoring the Wasteland. But as always, the money dried up. It had crossed their mind that maybe, just maybe, they had gotten a little long in the tooth, with lead Henry Wiens pushing 42, and most other members in their late thirties. Henry wasn't having it though, as he hopped into the Renowned Flash he said "Saddle up lads and lasses, we've got go earn our keep. Now, the camps under new management, but we've agreed to an amicable transition, and as such, we will be leaving some of the Gangs mechs there to help get it up and running again under new management. Todays mission is purely retrieval of another Gangs members. They get kicked out in 6 days, and have decided not to participate in the new camp design. We go up, we load 'em up in the Lorry, we bring 'em back. Easy Peasy." The ride up was hard. As a gang with Mutant ties, they were never quite welcome in the Northern Triangle, and tended to attract the nastier Raiders. They got hit twice by the Dingoes on the way up, and while some hits were sustained on the escort Buzzer, they made it to camp alright. As they loaded up the gang members that needed to move back to Gateway, Henry took stock of the ammo situation. The buzzer had one round left for HMG, and one full clip to reload with. Not optimal. Now, Henry knew, in the back of his mind, that he should send to Gateway for another vehicle to send up ammo. Nothing worse than getting caught in the dunes with empty guns. But he was in a hurry, and he was a Pathfinder mark 3, no small accomplishment. And his trusty Flash did a great job of finding, and analyzing, enemy incursions. So they set out on a slow roll back to Gateway, loaded up with human cargo, a sense of confidence, and a lack of ammo. They got contact, again from the Dingoes, shortly out of camp. Lots of Phoenixs. Not good. You can't outrun them easily, and the buzzer no longer had the ammo to slowly chip away at the pursuers until they gave up. Henry issued the command over the CB, " I'm gonna skirt around and draw a couple after me. Buzzer crew stay behind the lorry and make sure it gets away. Good luck." Henry gunned the Flash towards the enemy, driving just 90M to the left, trying to attract the Dingoes attention. It didn't work. The last thing Henry saw as he cleared the combat zone was the Lorry make a dive down a dune with the Buzzer pumping rounds into the 3rd of 7 enemies. Henry wouldn't find out until the Buzzer crew walked into town, sans Buzzer, that the rookie Lorry driver had tipped it over, dooming all occupants to death, and causing the buzzer crew to surrender or die. It was a tough loss, with the Gang down to only one more buzzer. Henry shook his head, dreading what he already knew what was coming. Cynthia Brinson, one of the gangs best gunners, looked at Henry with daggers in her eyes. "We didn't have enough ammo. Or we would have won. Even when the blasted lorry tipped over. We could have fought them off. We demo'd half of them, and we still had armor in the Buzzer. This is your fault Henry, and we better not ever, ever, have this happen again. If I don't think there is enough ammo next time, I'm not going." Henry nodded slowly, not saying much, as he knew he'd messed up. He looked over the buzzer crew that had walked in, and he said quietly," Who wants to get revenge on some Dingoes?" They all murmured their consent, and sat down to drink at the bar while Henry and Cynthia plotted the revenge attack.
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Posted Jan 10, 2020, 7:08 pm
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Hearing of the disaster suffered by The Eternal Travellers, Phil Coulson, the leader of the Kings of Metal has transmitted orders from the road back to Gateway that a Buzzer must be made available.
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Posted Jan 10, 2020, 7:38 pm
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Don't hesitate to call on the F-Bombs. We'll bring the muscle! Or heavy support. What ever ya need. Boom boom!
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Posted Jan 11, 2020, 2:37 am
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