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Travellers, Lorries rear gets blown out
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After the brief relearning period, the Eternal Travellers settled back in to what the did best: Traveling. Back and forth, back and forth. Point A to B and then back to A, sometimes mixing it up with a C stop just to keep it interesting. Seems to be all the Travellers did these days was move goods into the camp that was being built.
And the Travellers finances were not suffering, but not prospering either. .Maybe it was the unending travel with the same thing over and over:Encounter, Nape, Shoot, Run, Repeat. On this particular encounter, it seemed about the same: call came over the radio about 4 Phoenixs and a Symphony. Mobsters again, because of course. That's the only money the Travellers had been making, was killing off those assholes anytime they got to close to the escort Buzzer, Awe Yiss, christened so after a generous gift from an elder clan. They knew where'd they show when they came into view, and had lined up the convoy for the usual : Nape, shoot, run. Being Gates, the thought of fighting it out and getting some loot to pad the books was always a thought, and with the more than capable crew, it seemed that's how this would end. More dead Mobsters and a few G's in the bank.
As the enemy came into view in front of the convoy, the Buzzer and the Lorry swung North, heading for open ground and getting the rear guns and Napalm set up and aimed at the enemy. The enemy of course circled around to give chase. Lorries are such juicy targets.
But, for some reason, the Lorry wouldn't get going. She got to 50 and just stalled. Refused to get up to the 60-70 needed to safely put distance between the pursuers and their paper thin armor.
The Buzzer heard the call over the radio about problems getting to speed, and it adjusted course, slowed down, and picked up the two closest enemies. The Lorry, while still slow, had also lined up its sights, and its two expert ballistics gangers went to work dropping fiery liquid on the pursuers. They were inside 80m, and WAAY inside the comfort zone, but the fight had started and there was no time to make the right move, just enough time to make the survival move. The lead enemies started soaking up HMG and HGG rounds with their bumpers, which is never a good idea when you are in a Phoenix.
Then, a stroke of luck! The Lorry dropped two perfect balls of liquid death on the path of the lead two, spinning them out and giving the convoy precious space between them and the enemy. All looked like it was going to go as it always did: run, shoot, escape. A car rifle sounded out with a Crack! followed by a Thud! into the side of the Lorry. Bits of sunlight streamed into the cavernous hold. "What the #### was that?" Scott "Longhaul" Ly asked over the radio to the Buzzer. The Buzzers driver glanced over his left shoulder and saw the Symphony, which they had overlooked due to how slow the damn things were, was coming in from almost a 90 degree angle, and neither the Lorry nor the Buzzer could get guns on it.
Seeing this as a imminent threat, the Buzzer slowed even more and angled to it's right, bringing the Symphony into view and both gunners lined up their guns on the little cars front end. Bam, bam, the staccato of gunfire rang out from the Buzzer, and from the other two Phoenixs that had somehow dodged the leaders, and the Napalm, and were now inside of 80M with guns all aimed at the back of the Lorry. "####, we have a problem" Scott exclaimed, relaying to the Buzzer and instructing the Bally crew to target those two cars. The Buzzer had to stay with the Symphony, as the gunner on the car rifle had the Lorry dead to rights and was annihilating the side armor.
The run had begun to unravel. Scott mashed the pedal of the Lorry to the floor, the specially modified 8L growling as he managed to grab another gear, but still moving to slow to get out of the enemy cars range. The Buzzer, having successfully turned the Symphony, turned it's guns back to the other Phos, but it was too late, the rear had been breached. Bullets whined past gunners heads, as the ducked away from their now smoking Napalm launchers. Scott shouted an expletive as a bullet whizzed passed and into the engine, killing any momentum they'd built up. He yelled at everyone to hang on, and yanked the wheel hard to the right, giving new armor to the pursuers, as he tried desperately to determine the next course of action. The call came over the radio from the Buzzer, who had seen how bad the situation was. They'd swapped guns back, but it was a gamble if they'd get anything done before the Lorry, and its passengers, were red paste.
Surrender seemed immediate. Raul poked his head up, face covered in smoke and a little blood from a cut above his eye. "Are the HMGs still functional?" Scott looked at the HUD on the Lorries dash. All green. " Computer says they are good." Raul cursed loudly as another bullet whizzed into the Lorry. "Dammit, I am not going to die here! Flip this beast around!" He yelled back at the other Bally crew, who was nursing a wound to his arm. "Get up here on the front guns! We're going down swinging! And Scott, tell the Buzzer crew to fight until the last. We die here, or we drive home." Scott radioed the Buzzer crew, yanked hard on the E-Brake and spun the Lorry around in an almost Ballet-esque manuver that left it 50m from the nearest Pho, the driver of which now realized there were two HMGs pointed directly at it from a distance a child could make hits at.
The Buzzer crew honked their horn to signal the acknowledgement, and lined up on the last couple of cars. Shots were fired, armor was shedded, the Lorry in full reverse as it tried to keep the last of it's armor pointed at the cars it was furiously exchanging shots with. The Buzzer, unscathed due to the blinding greed of the Mobsters (Lorries are, after all, a really juicy target) ripped into the sides of the last two cars who seemed determined to kill the Lorry even if they died themselves, which was becoming the apparent outcome of this encounter. More rounds passed, and more rounds fired, and the last car, the stubborn Symphony, finally yielded. It was a bloody battle, and the Lorry was going to be in the shop for awhile. But everyone had lived, the guns were replaceable, and the split decision to turn and fight, not to surrender, had proved the right one. S996394
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Posted Jan 15, 2020, 8:23 pm
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