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No longer an Enigma...., Divide and Conquer Scout in Elms
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Slaughterhouse: Bloody Remains
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(As told by the Slaughterhouse Top Man, Van 'Runner' Bolton)

The 'scout' attached to the Slaughterhouse Rules crew, Zenobia Zylstra, a recent addition, now riding along in an expensive 'A' armored Flash powered by a rare 2L Rot', was saying something about the pretty flowers on the cacti she was seeing as she drove along on the squad's flank, supposedly keeping an eye out for bad guys, when the first shot rang out and whistled by the ####pit of 'Ballxanth,' the Squad's dual ATG formation-trailing Buzzer.

"DA F(radio edit)??" its wheel-jockey, 'Weebles' Wadlington shouted into the close-comms. "HEADS UP YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF S(radio edit) 'SCOUT!' BAD GUYS 180 BEHIND, 155 METERS AND COMING FAST! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND F(radio edit) YOUR FLOWERS, B(radio edit)!"

I snapped my head around and zeroed in on the big side mirrors on my Buzzer, the 'Sanguino,' an 'A' armored v8-powered sporting a pair of deadly long-range HCRs with improved optics and custom-made uranium-depleted rounds. She could tear anything apart with just a couple bursts from her high-velocity 30mm rounds...as not just a few wasteland trash had found out since Slaughterhouse reactivated a few short weeks ago. Even past the various vehicles in our Squad, jockeying for position to see what had 'miraculously' appeared behind us, I could see a large pack of metal hounds hot on our tail.

"Where the hell'd they come from?" I said aloud, then grabbed the close-in comms mic. "Heads up, multiple incoming bogies close on our '6.' We were traveling the SS-Elms 'road' that would up down and around a small set of foothills about 5 kliks out from Elmsfield if you were headed north...which we were.

"We're going to have to have a talk, Z'," I said, calmly, into the mic'.

I knew there was a major drop in elevation of the road coming up. The road narrowed precipitously at the drop. We'd have to hurry and we weren't all going to be able to make it through. I called the play.

"Heads up, Slaughterhouse! Baal' and the artillery, get on my ass, we're shooting the gap up ahead. It's going to be tight, so close up and don't worry about the paint jobs!"

I looked behind and saw the big ATG-fitted Buzzer's nose raise up as 'Weebles' gunned the v8. The arty' vans behind me closed up on his nose...banged mirrors and then came on, their custom engines whining as they put the accelerators to the floor.

"Arty! Picking targets shouldn't be hard! Get to it!" I yelled into the comms. "And figure out who the hell's chasing us!"

We couldn't all fit through the gap, so I ordered our third Buzzer, the recently-arrived from Sarsfield HMG-carrying knife-fighter of the three, to take the crest to our right, along with myself and our replacement Ape', also fitted with a pair of HMGs. There was an outcropping above the valley this road dropped into that might fit a pair of Buzzers. It would be a long, sliding climb under full throttle, but we might be able to pull it off.

I sent the newly-commissioned rocket-Landy left with our pair of CR Landys. They could set up along the left side of the valley and catch anything coming through the gap from the side, just so long as the bad guys didn't know the terrain and didn't know about the gap above the left side. If they did, they could surprise the Landys from above and rain fire on their vulnerable tops. I mentally crossed my fingers.

"Boss!" I heard the comms crackle.

"Go!" I replied.

"F(radio edit) me dry and leave me wet...," I heard 'Weebles' say. "...we got Enigma on our ass. Copy?"

The first rockets sailed past, sputtered, and dropped into the valley. The lead vehicles of the crew pursuing us had to be still 135-40 meters behind and they were sending ordnance our way already?

The ground rose up to my front. I floored the big rig and it leapt forward. We crested the rise and looked out on the valley floor, far below. It was a rush. Our speed sent us airborne for a good 35 meters before we crashed into the sand and mashed our accelerators, cutting the wheel to the right for the long, sandy climb up....

I heard the muffled 'whoomps,' ...1, 2...3 and 4. The vans had opened up. The road was twisty and they'd have to stutter their fire. I saw at least 9 sedans, their fronts bristling with weapons and at least that many more pickups; a couple rams obvious, before I went up and over the crest and dropped into the valley. That meant rockets.

"Let's move like we have a purpose, people! Set 'em up and knock 'em down. Control your fire-knock 'em out and move on. Keep the talk up...let each other know what you're doing before you do it. Remember your training!" I spoke one last time into the mic' and then the ground rose up and I was sliding sideways at over 70 and hoped the sand didn't collapse and flip me.

I could see the ledge. It looked promising...if I could get this big bitch up there before the Enigma crew caught us.

::the Buzzers made the ledge and rained death on anything that came through the gap, with a pair of HCRs and HMGs. Lots of top shots and the Nape' vans laid down a carpet of flaming oil just beyond the gap. Three vehicles turtled (great unscarred salvage!) and we 'lit up' everything else.

I had split off my Scout Flash to the right and our Pho' to the left and those drew 5 bad guys, who went chasing them through the hills. That left 12 others. The ATG Buzzer hit the brakes and caught the first few through the gap and there was soon a pile of 12 Enigma vehicles sliding through flaming oil and getting their asses shot off by the ledge-hanging Buzzers and a line of three Landys...two with CRs, one with rockets and the newly-added Ape' with a pair of HMGs for clean-up. Things were getting dicey up top so the Buzzers bailed off the ledge and went hunting the last 5 vehicles, who were taking pot-shots at the Flash and Pho'. As we closed on an untouched Mutant pickup, it demo'd. Cool. Then as we crested the ridge with the Pho' we'd come to rescue, it opened up with dual RLs and ripped up my flamey-painted Pho' enough to get me worried. It was one of those leopard-skinned trucks...for about three turns. Then it was flaming junk as the HCRs and HMGs ripped it to shreds. It rolled off in flames.

We redirected and engaged the remaining four, three of which demo'd pretty fast after a couple shots each (plus we were redding multilple fleeing peds in the valley, which helped) and then there was one...a crazed (had to be) pristine Butterfly II. So we chased it, dinging it with CR fire...and it would give up. 46 turns we chased. 45 turns it ran. Then it spun out and I was pissed and we just shredded it with HCRs, HMGs and a quad of CRs. End of scout...146 turns in.

10 loot cars all with engines 81% or better, two 100% 4Liters, a 100% 3.2L (Mutant Marauder) and a few 100% HMGs, MMGs and RLs (sold those). Sold 6 for just under 100K and put the rest up in the marketplace, which hasn't had vehicles...or much of anything for sale, for a while now. I'm liking Elms.::

180 Rep' Enigma :D
vet wv

*Posted Apr 23, 2020, 7:15 pm
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