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Deathrace at the Rally Circuit, DW Short by Matthew A DeBarth


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This isn't based on any one specific deathraces, but is a story inspired by the game and things that have happened while I've played it. -K

Deathrace at the Rally Circuit
By Matthew A DeBarth

As the car whipped around the tight corner, Kevin Taylor held the wheel tightly and hit the gas. The rear end got a bit loose - the tires skidded sideways before they finally gripped - and then the car shot forward again.

?They were right behind us when we went in to that turn, so be ready for them!? Taylor shouted to his gunner over the screaming engine.

Taylor shifted and started getting ready for the next couple of turns, which could be taken at high speed with the right line and could knock them out of the race with any one of a thousand wrong lines.

?Here they come!? the gunner, ?Joy? Hicks, shouted back. He said something else, but it was lost in a sudden burst of fire from the rear-facing machine gun. The car filled with the stench of gunpowder and hot metal. Taylor stole a quick glance in the cracked rear view and saw two Marleys come around the corner, with a Alpha flying through the air above them. He looked back at the track ahead of him before he could see if the Alpha was going to recover or not. He couldn?t afford to be looking back now, or else he?d end up hitting one of the sucker jumps along the edge of the cliffs too.

A series of bullet impacts moved across the dirt off to the right of them, coming directly for the car. The shill scream of bullets passing through metal filled the car, and their own gun fell silent. Taylor glanced over and saw Hicks slumped against the passenger side door, not moving.

He swore and reached back over his shoulder to return fire. The hood of the car behind him sparked as bullets bounced off the thick slab of armour, and the driver stopped shooting and juked to avoid taking any more fire. Laughing, Taylor turned back to the track again...and swore loudly.

He was way off his line - far too tight on the inside wall. He tried to correct, but it was already too late. He hit the little ridge of rock that reached out into the track and jumped off it badly. The car tilted as it it flew through the air, landed hard on the passenger?s side on just two tires, then rolled twice before slamming into the outside wall and coming to a rest on its roof at the edge of the track.

Taylor shook his head and looked around quickly. He already knew he was out of the race, but now he was worried about whether he was going to get out of this alive. He looked over and saw that there was a large pool of blood rapidly under the dangling body of ?Joy? Hicks - not a good sign.

The cars that had been following his rear bumper all race now trained their forward guns on him as they passed, and each one put a quick burst into his wrecked car before going back to shooting at each other again. Taylor used the muscles he?d built up by hours of sit-ups to pull his head and chest up into the protective body of the upside down car, and grabbed for the release on his seatbelt. Just five or ten seconds, and he could get out of the car and make a run for it. Until then, he curled up as small as he could as guns tore the car apart around him.

He glanced down through his armpit and watched as one of Joy?s arms was tore off be gunfire. Joy didn?t respond. Another bullet punched a gaping hole in Joy?s skull, and Taylor looked away.

The pounding hail of heavy fire eased up and stopped, and Taylor pulled the release on his belt and fell to the ceiling in a heap. He looked through the jagged holes in the back armour and saw the recently airborne Alpha on the ground, out of control, and coming directly for him.

?Oh, shi--?

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