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The Incomparable Icy Winter Breeze
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Winter's eyelids felt as if heavy lead weights had been attached to them. She hadn't even touched the bottle of Tequila that sat between her legs. Maybe it was the 46-Y 'Espers' that were making her feel drowsy... several packages of the illicit narcotic lay scattered about the floor of Deathblossom.

Winter's head snapped up, barely enough to keep her from falling into full sleep. She was getting ready to head through the 'Broken Trail', and although she was by far the best scout the Extravaganza, this was not an area she knew very well. The 5Lv8 roared as she sped up a bit.

Winter mused about her career choice. She knew every pothole between Somerset and the Truckstops, and could sell ice to the Eskimos while she was at it. But for some reason she just couldn't seem to sneak by anyone.

In fact, Winter's status as a pirate magnet were legendary. A simple run to Elsmfield might lead to an attack by Boss, followed by Tears of Blood, and the Road Ronins would probably be waiting near the town, looking to pounce.

The Doc joked that she announced her destinations in the taverns, but that wasn't true. Winter knew she was... odd... and didn't talk to anyone, preferring the loneliness of the road. It's not that she didn't like people, she just preferred it when they weren't around. They didn't call her 'Icy' for nothing.

Winter's head twitched involuntarily, and a cloudy scene impressed itself on her brain. It was gone just as fast, a brief view of several Vampires parked in a valley. These weird 'glimpses' and dreams had been appearing more frequently. She worried that she was growing a fat vicious tumor in her head. Madam Z said it was the 46-Y 'talking' but that was mystical bullcrap.

"You've GOT to be kidding me!" Winter clenched her fists around the steering wheel. She saw SIX Vampires approaching her in a disciplined formation. What are the odds? she asked herself. An accomplished scout, unarmed car, nothing of value inside... Winter glanced to her left, checking to see if the envelope from Arizona was still sitting on the passenger seat.

"Let's see if these milksops remember me" she sighed as she readied her flare gun.

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