Luna Sea
Gang Information

Gang Id: 7094
Owner: *Lugal*
Darkwind Premium Member: No
Global Fame: anonymous
Home Town: Somerset
Open for PvP?: NO
Primary Faction: None (Renegade)

SomersetLocally anonymous
ElmsfieldLocally anonymous
GatewayLocally anonymous
BadlandsLocally anonymous
TexanLocally anonymous
SarsfieldLocally anonymous
MorganLocally anonymous
FirelightLocally anonymous
ShantyvilleLocally anonymous

Badlands TruckstopNeutral
Deathrace MafiaNeutral
Evan RedsNeutral

Luna Sea... the name is an obvious play on words, a joke on ourselves for still believing during this age of death and ruin. You see, we still have faith in the notion of decency, of honor, of civilization. The notion of life being something more than just surviving.

We have come a long way, this wayward band. We started with just a couple kids calling themselves Mans Laughter. Their pun being a bitter response to their hard life. They were good, not great, but good enough to attract some others. Mans Laughter grew. Then out of the wastes came a man, a man with a book. The book told of a prophecy, a prediction from back in the twentieth about all this. The sun, the growing desert, the rise of foul things in the wild. His born name was Freeman Nelson, but to us he was Muad-Dib, the prophet, the incarnation of something... something else.

We took the name of Luna Sea, and under his guidance and teaching we thrived. Our ranks swelled, we felt secure for the first time in our lives, and hope... true hope started to bloom. Then he was killed. He sacrificed himself to save dozens of others, but we still reeled from the loss. But then the impossible happened. He returned from death, back from the wastelands. It was a new form, a man by the name of Avery Parson, but there was no mistaking the presence and wisdom of Muad-Dib.

When Avery Parson was killed outside Gateway, again a self-sacrifice for the salvation of others, we did not mourn. We knew he would be back. It was just a matter of time. The problem was seasons passed and of him there was no sign. I saw us drifting, and as leader of our Somerset detachment, I recalled everyone but the town reps. We needed to regroup, reorganize, refocus. It has been four years now, and we have had no sign of him, but we are doing well. We march on as we think he intended. We dont scout much ourselves anymore, but we sponsor a detachment of Marshals here in Somerset, as well as a deathracing team in every town. We are doing well.

Muad-Dib said to me once, Dusk started with the sunrise. I never heard The Event spoken of so succinctly. We are indeed in a dark time, a nighttime of human civilization. But he also said that it is in the darkness that light is needed most. I like to think that is who we are. Not THE light... I am not that presumptuous, but A light. A light for any who still yet desire peace. I am Palomita, and this is Luna Sea.

Cherry Palomita Darling, 2048 -
Avery Muad-dib Parson, 2044 - 2048
Freeman Muad-dib Nelson, 2040 - 2044