Public Enemy

The most wanted gangs in Evan today are listed below. The bounty listed for each gang is a combination of the amount offered by local vigilante groups and by disgrunted individuals, and represents the amount of money you would expect to be paid for each senior member of the gang you kill.

1. THE EMPIRE Somerset: 5031.
2. the mad mad crushers Somerset: 200.
3. The Arachnids Gateway Truckstop: 166.
4. Third Avenue Mutilators Gateway Truckstop: 165.
5. King Cobras Badlands Truckstop: 147.
6. North Desert Marauders Elmsfield: 147.
7. Napalm Lullaby Badlands Truckstop: 141.
8. Black Flag Badlands Truckstop: 121.

empire is over 10K now. dont know if i should celebrate or cry lol

Book And Movie Reviews

Our ancestors thought well enough of books and their other media to create huge repositories for them, and openly sell and trade them. Occasionally, these artifacts are unearthed and I get my hands on some of these old forms of education and entertainment. I prefer the ones that foretell of the apocalypse, and thought you might like to know a few of the more obscure ones, in case you havent experienced them yourself.

Blood of Heroes DVD - 1982?

Ah, one of Rutger Hauers two good movies. After the apocalypse in this one, their preferred bloodsport is different than ours. Instead of mounting weapons on their Ford Fiesta, everyone enjoys the game of Juggers. Juggers is kind of like a hybrid of old-time rugby and lacrosse, except you get chains and weighted clubs to beat each other with during the game, and instead getting a ball into a net or posts, you have to jam a dogs skull on a stake to score.

Amateur leagues are played above ground by roving teams who can enter villages and challenge the local team. If the visiting team wins, they get to take however much of whatever they like from the towns belongings.

Now thats playing for keeps.

The professional leagues, however, are played underground with the rest of civilization, in huge underground cities that seem to be back to doing things in the Victorian Era manner. The professional guys are brutal beasts that play so well and so viciously, people dont bet whether an amateur team will beat them, they bet how long into the game the amateur team will survive.

Anyway, it is an interesting apocalypse movie showing the distinction between the have less and have nots. The movie fleshes out the rules of the Juggers so well you could actually play it, and there is some decent visceral action to satisfy the viewer.

Check it out, if you can find it.

The Road, book by Cormac McCarthy - 2007

Ah, just finished this one, and it is not light summer reading. These guys have few working cars after their apocalypse, so everything takes place on foot. The yarn is about a man with a young boy trying to survive years after the apocalypse. There is no food growing, no one has seen many other animals for a decade, and all the canned food is pretty much gone.

That leaves only one other thing left to eat.

The man and the boy dont want to eat what everyone else is eating, so they try to head south, to see if it is more prosperous, or at least warmer, since they have a nuclear winter/ new Ice Age going on full-swing.

I bought this one on a Saturday evening and finished reading it by Sunday morning. It is one of those kind of books you probably wont put down, and I like the way the author just flat-out refuses to use quotations or names for his characters, so I am not going to use them either.

- Edgar Poe, Dead Celebrity

Evan Leagues

As 2043 starts, we take this opportunity to pay tribute to the victorious gangs from the 2042 leagues.

Advanced Research Labs gained an unprecedented clean sweep of the three major leagues - Somerset`s Race, Deathrace and Arena Combat Leagues. Kudos to Alocalypse!

Xander of Advanced Race Labs took two of the Evan Ladder victories - Race and Deathrace - while Fish Heads won the Combat Ladder.

Fish Heads also took first place in the minor Summer League, while the two minor Autumn Leagues were won by the Toecutters - Elmsfield League - and Advanced Race Labs - Gateway League.

Well done to all! Here`s to a competitive 2043! - watch out for the new Semi-Pro Combat League which kicks off in February.

Debra `Wild Woman` Wilder of the Empire gang died, following several brushes with death in her crusade against all decent Evan trader-folk. Debra was the best gunner that Empire had ever seen, and died at the hands of her enemies, having survived so many Bounty Hunter attacks before.
`Third Time Unlucky` they say around here.. having previously survived the long walk home from the wastes following a losing battle with a Marauder, and another time surviving despite dropping into the Elmsfield river, she wad finally caught after turtling her car, and her throat was slit. The Empire gang will fondly remember her: she`s in heaven now killing traders.

Bobby Franco of Bumbleclot died at Northern Farm Land.

Carlos Sanchez of Team Bansi died at Northern Desert Circuit.

Rebekah Woods of Team Bansi died at Northern Desert Circuit.

Trevor Hoffman of SD Rollers died at Road to Elmsfield.

Lucia Varney of Deaths Angels died at Gates of Elmsfield.

Stephan Boner of Gearjammers died at Somerset Rally Circuit.

Edna Philips of Twisted Sisters died at Gates of Gateway Truckstop.

Paul Drake of Riotous Assembly died at Scattered Grounds.

Leon Kennedy of Advanced Race Labs died at Interstate Mythos.

Eva Ware of Riotous Assembly died at Forever Yellow Skies.

Robert Dicus of Riotous Assembly died at Forever Yellow Skies.

James Stout of Bionic Coal Robot Smasher Regi died at Road to Gateway Truck Stop.

Ralph Allison of Bionic Coal Robot Smasher Regi died at Road to Gateway Truck Stop.

Paula Abdul of Twisted Sisters died at Scattered Grounds.

Ryan Horn of Twisted Sisters died at Northern Speedway.

Clinton Curtis of SD Rollers died at Gates of Elmsfield.

Chester Uy of Ricky Ranjits Raiders died at Somerset Arena.

Bonnie Daniels of Edgerunners died at Road to Gateway Truck Stop.

Suzanne Brickhouse of THE EMPIRE died at Lost Oasis.

Roy Capone of Midnight Marauders died at Scattered Grounds.

Rachelle Farley of Riotous Assembly died at Gates of Somerset.

Andrea Sullivan of Riotous Assembly died at Scattered Grounds.

Nicole Hamilton of the mad mad crushers died at Gates of Somerset.

George Custer of Twisted Sisters died at Road to Gateway Truck Stop.

Ulysses Grant of Twisted Sisters died at Road to Gateway Truck Stop.

Barbie 'Bubblegum' Boner

We`re paying tribute to the legendary Barbie 'Bubblegum' Boner, a renowned scout from The Corpse Punchers.

Current DW Gazette Editors: Sam, Racing Robbie, Ayjona, JD_Basher, Bastille, Rezeak, Fifth, SmokeyKilla.