The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Elnora MannoAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
John BaileyAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Jack 'Meoff,' ThomasAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Anne 'The Real' McCarthyAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Richard 'Dick' JonesAnubis CartelThe Wilderness2019-07-11
Doris FieldsKekistani Meme VeteransThe Wilderness2019-07-11
'Eagle' Joseph GoldmanThe TacticalsThe Wilderness2019-07-09
A brilliant Somerset racer. Trained in years now waiting in the pit stop for the next event. He was then assigned to moving druggie gang members to Elmsfield.

Then tried to show off by smashing through a Somerset blockade but ended up crashing horribly. How hard is that blockade? It`s made of wood!

Yet another stupid death.
David RigbySmoker U Drink, Player U GetThe Wilderness2019-07-08
'Scrappy' Steven SimpsonDesertersSomerset Hospital2019-07-07
Carlos SageCritical MissSomerset Hospital2019-07-07
Robert FrancoCritical MissSomerset Hospital2019-07-07
Cody 'Trip and' FallonGoldfishSomerset Hospital2019-07-07
'Big' Steve JenkinsDust TrollsSomerset Hospital2019-07-07
'Greasy' Todd McCainDust TrollsSomerset Hospital2019-07-07
Melvin Dahlnomad mercsSomerset Hospital2019-07-07
Christopher 'Tuning' LillyGaean ReachSomerset Hospital2019-07-07