---- Specialist Skills ----

Machine Guns
Increased accuracy with MGs and HMGs, and ability to unjam them

Mine Layer
Ability to deploy mines and spikes at high speed with less inherited velocity

Heavy Weapons
Increased accuracy with Cannons, Tank Guns, Anti Tank Guns, and ability to unjam them

Increased damage with flamethrowers, and ability to unjam them

Increased battery efficiency while firing with lasers and heavy lasers

Ballistic Prediction
Increased accuracy with mortars and grenade launchers, and ability to unjam them

Increased accuracy with all types of rockets and missiles, and ability to unjam them

Moving Targets
Skilled at hitting moving targets

Skilled at long rang fire

Rapid Reloading
Capable of speedy reloading

Courage Under Fire
Better able to shoot accurately while taking damage. Less likely to gain stress while in combat on foot.

Engine Tuning
Ability to squeeze a little extra acceleration from an engine

Jury Rigging
Highly skilled at getting a broken engine running

Quick off the line and highly skilled at acceleration during the first 2 seconds of a race

Field First Aid
Ability to staunch the bleeding of any nearby characters, during a combat

Ability to occasionally make 2 shots in one move, while using a weapon on autofire

Combat Psychologist
Ability to calm nearby team-mates and reduce their stress

Defensive Driver
Ability to make your vehicle hard to shoot while its moving at speed

Offensive Driver
Increased collision damage to your opponents

Skilled at salvaging parts from a car whose engine cannot be fixed

Ability to recuit skilled gang members

Improve the training of gang members in the same town

Ability to negotiate truces with NPC pirate gangs, sometimes

Reload In Motion
Ability to reload a weapon while driving

Reduces the accuracy penalty for firing while driving

Shoot From The Hip
Skilled at firing hand guns quicker than other characters, during the firing phase

Long Throw
Ability to throw grenades and other objects a long distance

Car Killer
Skilled at scoring telling hits against vehicles, and of scoring internal hits through weak armour

Extra fast at running

Ability to gain more of a speed boost than normal when slipstreaming or drafting

Stress decreases faster than normal when far away from enemies

Adrenalin Junkie
This character thrives on that little kick of adrenalin. When stressed, running speed increases.

Eye of the Hurricane
This fine fellow is an inspiration to everyone around him. Other people in the car are somewhat more likely to gain courage after a fight when this guy is in the car with them (and has not panicked)

Mind Control
A number of useful effects can be achieved by this specialism which affects characters other than the Psi themself.

The psionic ability to push and throw objects from a distance

The psionic ability to set cars, pedestrians and animals on fire

Electromagnetic Pulse
Sends out an EMP which affects electronically-controlled weapons and V8/V12 engines within range, causing them to malfunction

Defensive Energy
Psionically-constructed `hard air` barriers can protect the individual or their vehicle

Pathfinders can achieve faster squad travels without adding so much to the risks normally associated with hasty travel. They can also reduce travel risks more than normal when travelling carefully.