Evan Bestiary
Several distinct coat colours and eye colour seem to indicate little more than mutated pigmentation. Some individuals have been seen with outsized heads, ears, or legs. These are often the most vicious and fast-moving of their pack. Most commonly seen in the winter, and throughout Evan although less common in the desert and Badlands regions. Generally shy of cars.

These frightening beasts can range from the size of a dog to the size of a house! This creature is capable of rapidly burrowing under most soft terrains in order to ambush its victims from below. It shows little intelligence or fear of vehicles or guns. Most common in the Northern Desert and Broken Lands, where the sand is soft. No verified sightings in the Badlands or Lava Lands regions.
In the absence of scientific proof, it is assumed that these creatures evolved from a turtle-like creature. Specimens have been known to reach the size of an Apache or Landrunner, and often deliver a poisonous bite. Occasionally, head mutations render the creatures awkward and slower-moving, though more dangerous due to increased size and strength of mouth. Certainly Rad-Turtles are highly carnivorous and unafraid of people on foot, though reluctant to attack vehicles. Less common in the winter, though particularly conspicuous and dangerous at times of high Aurora. No confirmed sightings have been made in the hotter and drier Desert regions; these mutants are most prevalent around the poisonous lakes of the Badlands, as well as in the Elmsfield area.

Four distinct varieties of giant spider are known to exist in Evan: the grey Northern Desert spider, the hairy brown Winter spider of the Badlands and Southern Plateau, the especially poisonous green Rad spider, and the red, heat-resistant Lava spider. Size depends on species, time of year and state of Aurora, and region - wildly varying from the size of a small dog to the size of an SUV.

Mutant rats are common throughout the year and all over Evan, though more so in the fertile Northern Farmlands and Elmsfield Lakes. Tough, tenacious and afraid of little, they often carry a poisonous bite. Skin and eye-colour variations appear to indicate little physical difference. Heavily mutated individuals may have outsized heads and teeth.
Among the more intelligent and rare of the wild animals in Evan, the three known variety of Big Cat will rarely trouble a well-armed vehicle convoy. The black Mountain Cat is to be found mostly around the Northern Lakes and Farmlands, as well as around the Southern Plateau and other hilly areas. The Desert Cat and Tiger are both almost entirely absent from the South, preferring the sparsely populated Broken Lands region above all others. The Tiger is also sometimes spotted around the Farmlands, and has been known to raid cattle and sheep. Big Cats can vary from the size of their pre-Event forebears, right up to the size of a large car. Mutated heads and ears appear to coincide with the most dangeous and alert individuals.

The Mutant Croc is, fortunately, a relatively rare creature. Ranging from human-sized to bus-sized, they are deadly foes if you are caught in the open away from your car. Numerous mutations of the head, jaw, and legs appear to bestow benefits and handicaps to the affected creature in terms of speed and strength. Seen in any numbers only around the Elmsfield Lakes and Central Badlands.

The three species of bear in Evan are all strong adversaries who will stand up to a car if threatened or hungry. The brown and black bear are rarely seen in the winter, presumed semi-dormant; the grey bear is seen all-year round. Bears are not seen in the driest regions (Badlands and Lava Lands) and are rare in the Desert. They have occasionally become a danger to farmsteads in the north. Ranging in size from that of a human to that of a small bus, they sometimes sport outsized heads which give them an awkward gait and a monstrous bite.

Numerous colourings are indicated on these ugly creatures. Sizes can vary from human-sized to car-sized or bigger. Hunting in swarms, these creatures travel by leaping 20 or 30 feet in the air. Like most of the other giant insects in Evan, these creatures are rarer in the winter and much more common, vicious and mutated at times of high Aurora. Unlikely to attack anything that's not edible, and not clever enough to realise that a car is a metal shell around a meaty morsel, the grasshopper is a threat mostly due to its devastating damage to crops and livestock.

Rad-beetles can vary from the size of a large dog to the size of a bus. Physical variations are common, with outsized heads and legs coinciding with the most vicious individuals. The Desert Beetle lives exclusively in the Northern Desert and around Elmsfield; the Fire Beetle inhabits the Volcanic region and is virtually unaffected by heat; the Green Beetle, which is the most fearsome of the lot, is to be found mostly around the Badlands. Only the largest mutants have ever been known to attack cars.
There are three distinct species: Desert Snake, Green Snake, and Mutant Snake. Sizes can range from that of a pre-Event snake to the size of a car. Most snakes deliver venomous bites, although the Green Snake is certainly the most potent.
These creatures are enormous, terrifying, and incredibly stupid. They burrow under the sands, ambushing their victims from below and dragging them to their death. Slave bugs can grow to the size of a house, and appear to be indiscriminate diners, apparently savouring everything from humans, to cows, to cars and even small wooden houses. Found everywhere apart from the Volcanic Region, they are more common in the winter than are most of the other giant insects.
Six-legged, nimble, and sporting a massively poisonous sting which has been known to kill a horse or cow in seconds, these weird creatures have derived perhaps from a pre-Event scorpion. They are to be found in reasonable numbers throughout Evan, with the winter being the only time when they are truely rare. Particularly brave and dangerous during times of high Aurora, Razor Bugs have been known to reach the size of a small house.
In the absence of scientific testing, it is anybody's guess what this beast evolved from. Slithering upright, and carrying 4 or 6 appendages, it is to be seen in reasonable numbers throughout Evan during the summer months. Sizes vary greatly, with specimens the size of a bus occasionally being seen. Strongly poisonous bite.
The hairy Clasher-Bug is another burrowing creature, appearing silently from below to drag victims into its gaping maw. Very fierce, and rarely intimidated by a car, this beast is fairly common throughout the year, and everywhere apart from the Volcanic region. Known to reach the size of a large bus.