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McSPANKY"S is hiring
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We're eventually going to get rid of the tiny campgrounds on hex 6,18 and make it a bit bigger of a camp, whenever the bank of evan sells us the land, as they restricted the sale of tiny camps to one per customer.

We are looking for someone to run MCSPANKY"S MOUNTAIN REATREAT FOR MENTAL MIDGETS, are you the mental midget were looking for? probably.

As a mental midget you wont be tasked with anything too difficult, you will be given temporary ownership of the camp so you can deploy forces to occupy the surrounding areas so we can gather recourses nearby to fully build the camp, mainly stone. All of the work building the camp will be done by one of MCSPANKY"S managers. you just have to sit there and try to look smart.

The nearby perks will be yours to have access too, Mainly free training vouchers for your gang to use to train over the cap and the chance to recieve free chrome and or lithium. MCSPANKYS WINTER WONDERLANDS camp will eventually occupy the area, leaving some of the areas for you to continue to occupy, there are no neaby enemy camps so you wont be asked to fight in any camp wars.

please respond if you have any intrest.
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