Vendetta Inc.
Gang Information

User's other gang: Steel Brotherhood (SCAVENGER)

Gang Id: 33335
Owner: Necrotech
Darkwind Premium Member: Yes
Global Fame: well known
Home Town: Gateway Truckstop
Open for PvP?: YES
Primary Faction: Mutants

SomersetLocally renowned
ElmsfieldLocally anonymous
GatewayLocally prominent and appreciated
Local Hero!
BadlandsLocally anonymous
TexanLocally anonymous
SarsfieldLocally anonymous
MorganLocally anonymous
FirelightLocally prominent
ShantyvilleLocally anonymous

Primary Faction!
Badlands TruckstopNeutral
Deathrace MafiaNeutral
Evan RedsNeutral

--- The Vendetta Inc. ---
--- Assassins Guild ---

Have a problem with a gang, they did you wrong ?

- Vendetta Inc will handle it

Another Gang breaking the laws of Evan ?cheating/griefing

- We got it covered, in flame and bullets

Need to send a message, carved in flesh?

- We can be your scalpel delivery service

Somebody have too many points in a league and you need them knocked down a bit?

- We can help fix the score in your favor.

Need Mediation in a dispute ?

- We will leave no one left to mediate with, so you win by default!

So COME on down... Lets get your enemy in a box or a water jug!

We even got sharp knives and loaded guns for the kids to practice with! Fresh cadavers included for a small fee.

No gang is too new or too old for our services to be rendered.

Send a private courier message with the details, and we can most likely come to an arrangement.

Serious inquires only.

Vendetta Inc. reserves the right to refuse any contract.