Vendetta Inc.
Gang Information

User's other gang: Steel Brotherhood (SCAVENGER)

Gang Id: 33335
Owner: Necrotech
Darkwind Premium Member: No
Global Fame: anonymous
Home Town: Gateway Truckstop
Open for PvP?: YES
Primary Faction: Mutants

SomersetLocally anonymous
ElmsfieldLocally anonymous
GatewayLocally anonymous
BadlandsLocally anonymous
TexanLocally anonymous
SarsfieldLocally anonymous
MorganLocally anonymous
FirelightLocally anonymous
ShantyvilleLocally anonymous

Primary Faction!
Badlands TruckstopNeutral
Deathrace MafiaNeutral
Evan RedsNeutral

--- The Vendetta Inc. ---
--- Assassins Guild ---

Have a problem with a gang, they did you wrong ?

- Vendetta Inc will handle it

Another Gang breaking the laws of Evan ?cheating/griefing

- We got it covered, in flame and bullets

Need to send a message, carved in flesh?

- We can be your scalpel delivery service

Somebody have too many points in a league and you need them knocked down a bit?

- We can help fix the score in your favor.

Need Mediation in a dispute ?

- We will leave no one left to mediate with, so you win by default!

So COME on down... Lets get your enemy in a box or a water jug!

We even got sharp knives and loaded guns for the kids to practice with! Fresh cadavers included for a small fee.

No gang is too new or too old for our services to be rendered.

Send a private courier message with the details, and we can most likely come to an arrangement.

Serious inquires only.

Vendetta Inc. reserves the right to refuse any contract.