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Track/Arena Events Completed in the Past Month

Wilderness Combats Completed in the Past Month

IDTitleLocationServer Date
S21709Footsquad Clobberin Time Vs SnakesThe Pits2024-06-01 22:06:54
S1228933Combat League Vs The ArachnidsGates of Somerset2024-06-23 05:02:26
S1227046Cranky Goats Vs SkinwalkersThe Pits2024-06-01 22:14:54
S1227044Clobberin Time Vs SkinwalkersThe Pits2024-06-01 21:47:54
S1226373Cranky Goats Vs SkinwalkersThe Pits2024-05-27 04:11:08
S1226369Clobberin Time Vs SkinwalkersGates of Texan2024-05-27 03:24:08