Largely reverting to desert wastes, battered by radioactive dust storms, and surrounded by a poisonous and lifeless sea, Evan still manages to be largely self-sufficient. The relatively fertile northern regions provide enough food for the small population of the continent, and water treatment facilities both here and on the southern seaboard provide sufficient water. The oil fields that line the east-midland mountain ranges provide fuel and raw materials for the transportation and combat vehicles of those that are brave enough to travel the deserts. Additional raw materials for the car and weapons factories are supplied from other countries and arrive into the southern port.


The island enjoys very little precipitation, apart from in the uninhabitable mountains and the northern forest regions. The rain that there is, of course, is heavily polluted and not suitable for consumption. Average daytime temperatures exceed 30oC, while at night they often drop to 0oC. The whole continent, particularly the south and west, are often battered by radioactive dust storms, referred to as 'the darkwind'.


Established: 2026
The first centre of population established after the Solar Apocalypse, Elmsfield produces water from the lakes, and also controls a number of livestock farms. Other resources such as fuel and weapons are very expensive here, since they are brought from the factories and oil fields in the east and south, via the dangerous central 'Badlands' region. Elmsfield is a relatively safe town, well policed by the vigilante groups.


Established: 2027
This town relies mainly on its farms, which produce the bulk of the food for the entire continent. It has grown larger and faster than Elmsfield, and is a similarly safe place to live. The autoduelling leagues that now exist in all major towns were first established here, in 2035. The largest and most prestigious leagues remain here.


Established: 2032
Morgan possesses a fortuitous source of water in the streams emanating from the mountains at this place - these streams come from deep underground and are free of pollution. This lawless town grew up around this resource.


Established: 2033
The lawless town of Firelight is a haven for criminals, degenerates and mutants. It has no resources or industry, its inhabitants relying instead on piracy and scavenging for the most part. There are bandit encampments in the deserts to the south and west of the town, and rumours of strange mutant creatures living in the western wastes beyond civilisation.


Established: 2039
Sarsfield is a large and dangerous town situated on the edge of the Badlands region, and relying on throughcoming trade from the southern port, in addition to control of the nearby factories which produce vehicles and weapons from the imported raw materials.

Badlands Truck Stop

Established: 2039
This truck stop, resembling a fortified medieval town, was created as a safe haven in the middle of the dangeous and infertile Badlands. It was set up when north-south trade started to take off in 2039. Lodging and garage fees are expensive, though considered worth the price as a secure stop-off point for the trade convoys travelling the continent.

Gateway Truck Stop

Established: 2041
This more recently established truck stop, situated on the edge of the safe northern region, operates in competition with the older Badlands Truck Stop as a stop-off point for hauliers and traders. Indeed some specialist traders spend their time 'running the gauntlet' between the two truck stops, through the most dangerous bandit territory on the continent. Many of the bandit gangs have set up their camps around this area, and some of the vigilante groups in Elmsfield and Somerset offer bounties on their heads.


Established: 2043
The most recently established of the major towns, Texan is established on the edge of the dangerous central regions, and is growing rapidly due to its control of the nearby oil fields and associated factories.