Following the temporary failure of the earth's protective magnetosphere in 2025, the planet was bombarded with solar radiation, leading to massive irradiation and consequent destruction of plants, animals, and ultimately civilisation as we know it. Due to fortuitous local weather patterns, a small number of regions of the earth survived utter destruction and, though thrown back into an anarchic dark-age, humankind survives. One such region is the continent called 'Evan'.


Following the widespread disaster, the continent was lucky enough to retain a fertile region in the north - which also possesses a number of lakes that were only lightly polluted. The remaining population soon gathered in this area, establishing the towns of Elmsfield and Somerset.


It was several years later that contact was re-established with other countries, and at this point limited trade was established on the southern seaboard: most notably, the importation of raw materials such as plastics and metals are achieved in this way. The southern port now also possesses water refinery facilities, which produce reasonably safe drinking water from the sea.


The first deathracing events are held in Somerset. Before long, these new deathsports become a dominating feature of society on Evan: (see 'The Birth of Deathracing' Game Fiction)


Rich oil deposits were discovered in the eastern mountains, and oil extraction facilities and associated factories were soon set up.