Camera Control

When you are in the 3D race/combat game interface (requires download of game client), you have detailed control over the positioning of your viewpoint (camera).

Camera Movement

Up/DownMouse wheel
or - and + on the numpad
Rotate around selected objectSquare-brackets [, ]
or "Q" and "E"
Free rotation of cameraClick and drag on the background
or use numpad arrows keys

There is also an alternative set of movement controls in case WASD doesn't suit you: U, H, J, K for movement, and Y, I to rotate around the selected vehicle.

Camera Bookmarks
Use CTRL-1 through CTRL-9 to mark your current camera position (these are stored so that they're available the next time you visit the same map).
Use SHIFT-1 through SHIFT-9 to return to a previously marked position.
SHIFT-0 is a special bookmark that brings you back to the camera starting position.

Interacting with Game Objects
To select an object such as a vehicle or pedestrian, Left Click
To obtain a context menu for an object (if appropriate), Right Click

Other Items in the 3D Race/Combat Game Interface
A list of all players currently in the event is displayed in the 'Players' box. White text means spectator, red means a competitor who has not yet submitted a move, and green means a competitor who has submitted a move.

The F2 and F3 keys are used to pick what information text you want displayed above each car: gang names, driver names, speed, lap number/laptime, race position, combat points, etc.

Take a screenshot and store it in the game's root folderCTRL-PCTRL-P
Take a screenshot and remove most of the HUD items to make the image nicerCTRL-ALT-PCTRL-Cmd-P
Schedule a sequence of screenshots to be taken during the next movement phase. (This may not give good results if your computer is not powerful enough).ALT-PCmd-P