Getting Started

Darkwind is a strategic game of vehicle racing and combat set in a post-apocalyptic near future. As a player, you control a gang of characters who travel, trade, fight, undertake missions, bounty-hunt, and compete in racing and combat leagues across the continent of Evan.

How do I play?

Gameplay is split between long-term strategy/travel, which is controlled through the website, and through direct control of your vehicles and characters in races and combat events. These events are conducted in 3D using a game client program that you must download from this site. Included in this download is an automatic patching program called 'darkwindLobby' - you must run this first in order to get your game client up-to-date.

What events are available?

By running the game client program, you will be able to see events (races, battles, timetrials) that are currently running, and those that are scheduled to start within the next 3 hours. To see events that are scheduled later than that, use the website: click on the 'Gameplay' menu and then 'Events Diary'.


As well as "one-off" events that can earn your gang prizes and experience, Darkwind runs leagues and ladders: depending on the league, these take anything up to 12 weeks real-world time (which is one game year) and offer substantial prizes for your gang. The league events are easily identifiable in the game client. Ladder events are created on-demand when you challenge someone else who is logged into the game: click on the 'Gameplay' menu and then 'Leagues'