The Town Interface

The Town Interface is available on the website, and is used for strategic control of your gang while they are in town. Each named building can be clicked on, to perform activities there.

There are a number of different types of building, each with specific gameplay functions. When you click on a building, an interface appears, allowing you to perform actions and set orders. Some of these buildings are only available to Darkwind Subscribers.

The Tavern
Here you can (once per week) find a new character to join your gang - but remember, each character needs to be fed, and food is expensive in Darkwind! You can also assess your characters' health, injuries and skills. The tavern is also where you pick up paid missions, such as courier of items between towns, assassination of enemy gang leaders, or the escort of trader caravans.

The Training Facility
At the town's training facility you decide which skill each of your characters will spend their time training. You can also choose to hire personal trainers and specialist training equipment, which will substantially speed up your characters' training.

The Hospital
The hospital is where your injured characers will be cared for - if you can afford to pay. By hospitalising an injured character, he or she will heal faster, althougth all non-permanent injuries will heal naturally given enough time. Addictions can only be removed by checking into the Rehabilitation Center at a hospital.

The Mechanic
At the Mechanic Shop, you can design and order new vehicies, or uprades and repair to your existing ones. If you're in a hurry, try the Marketplace, where other players may have existing vehicles for sale. The Mechanic, however, is where you go for any custom-built vehicle. Repairs and upgrades will take a period of time (real-time, not game-time) to fulfill - ranging from less than an hour to many days. The materials and spare parts that are currently available at the shop will also affect your decisions. It may be risky to invest in a rare piece of equipment such as a Heavy Laser, because spare parts for fixing it may be difficult to find. For more information on vehicle ownership, click here.

The Marketplace
At the marketplace, you buy and sell trade goods (water, food, fuel, car parts, scrap metal, stone, plastics, electronic parts) and ammunition of various types. This is also where you go to load these onto your vehicles as you are preparing for a trade journey or wilderness mission. Another function of the marketplace is to allow player gangs to offer vehicles, engines and weapons for sale to other players.

Race Tracks and Arenas
You are likely to find several race tracks and arenas in the larger towns. The events (races, deathraces and combats) scheduled to run in them will be listed in the Events Diary.