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"The brutality of Darkwind is the most appealing thing about it. Your team ages: at 30 their stats start dropping, at 40 their skills follow. You'll give them nicknames, train them, get attached to them, maybe even unlock specialities such as Engine Tuner or Negotiator, and then they'll die.
Overall Rating: 80%"

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Game Tunnel, June 2009

Darkwind was awarded the highest game rating by gametunnel this month in their Indie Game Round-Up! It received their "Gold Award" and also won the "Game of the Month"

"When it comes to strategic vehicular combat there has never been a game as engaging and as robust as Dark Wind. Car Wars or Mad Max fans prepare to waste away entire weekends as you build characters, fleets of cars, even small towns in an attempt to survive the harsh waste of the future."

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"... for those keen on a meatier game, Darkwind is a game with a vast depth of options, characters, vehicles, weapons, strategies and style. The social aspect adds a new dimension - playing alongside your friends is a huge draw, and being able to play even when they're not around is also good. The community support is also brilliant - players are always happy to give advice to new players (like me!) and join in with scouting runs. My first scout, with three other players, was enormously fun and more than a little bonkers."
Overall Rating: 90%

Reviewed by Andrew Williams and (c) Bytten.com
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Flagship Magazine

"Any computer game that emulates an older, miniatures, or role-playing game must do two things: eliminate all the time-consuming futzing over calculations, and look better doing it. Darkwind handles all the physics of those earlier games and more; it models the effect of every bump in the road and every gunshot and does it with a visual style that's appealingly user-friendly."


New Age Gaming Magazine

"... pinpoint tactical turn-based vehicular mayhem on the deathtrack ..."

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Rock Paper Shotgun

I was interviewed by Rock Paper Shotgun in 2011 as part of their "MMO Monitor" series

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"Undeniably Darkwind is in a league of its own in terms of interest building and gameplay ... The mix of innovation and a good physics engine makes Darkwind a game you can enjoy immensely, however to be able to enjoy the game fully, you must have a lot of time in your hands or you'd only graze what Darkwind has to offer."
Overall Rating: 90%

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Games Radar

"The tactical car combat is fiddly at first, but quickly resolves into an interesting and well-executed idea ... you're thinking about turning circles and terrain, the different stats and skills of your characters and whether anybody's about to panic."
Overall Rating: 8/10

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Bytten Ernie Awards, 2009

Darkwind was awarded "most addictive game 2009"

"No challenge for this category - I have never encountered a game quite as addictive as Darkwind. Post-apocalyptic settings, cars with armour and guns, deathraces, battles with gangs of pirates... all very thrilling stuff."

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Game Tunnel

"Dark Wind's actual gameplay is phenomenal. If you like the sound of turn based tactical car combat this is your new holy grail. The physics of car movement, drifting, changing how a car performs offroad and on tarmac, a variety of physics related to each individual car ... I mean, it's all here."

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Inside Mac Games

"MMORPGs get repetitive to me ... Grinding drives me crazy with rage. How many rat-equivalents do you need to smack around before you get to go beat up something else? I think this is a natural state, though, as the game has to appeal to all levels, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran ... With the addition of scouting between cities, and frequent content injections, Darkwind has a lot to do and see in-game no matter the skill level of the player or the composition of the gang. This is a breath of fresh air in what I consider a very stale and one-sided genre of gameplay, where even the behemoth in the market seems destined for repetition."
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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Games For Windows Magazine

"If pop culture's taught us anything, it's that the most awesome part of the apocalypse will be strapping guns onto your muscle car to fend for your life ... Darkwind is turn-based online strategic road rage. It could be the best thing going since Auto Assault drove off a cliff."