Darkwind: War on Wheels celebrates the launch of two new towns and associated wilderness maps, a new combat arena, PvP Town attacks, and its new website with two weeks free subscription from October 6th to 19th.

October 5, 2009 Psychic Software Press Release


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Darkwind, the multiplayer on-line turn based strategy war game announced this week that all people who have signed up to the game prior to October 4th will be given two weeks free playing time with all features accessible from October 6th. This is to celebrate several recent accomplishments including the launch of their new web site and the integration of two new towns and associated wilderness maps into the game. It has been a productive summer for the game, and its developers were delighted to receive reviewers Gametunnel's Gold Award and May "Game of the Month" this summer.

"It has been a busy summer for us" reported PRO Olena Korskii. "Usability feedback from the player base coupled with the creativeness of the web design team brought about the new web site. We also introduced the dynamic patching of maps, which gives improved flexibility in rolling out new locations without impacting the file download size. Texan and Shantyville are new town launches, and the 'Double Down' arena is a large new arena with a unique jump-scoring system which requires good high-speed driving as well as good combat skills. A new style of consensual PvP wilderness combat the 'Town Attack Combat' is also proving to be very popular."

The recently added "Town Attack Combat" is based on consensual PvP (Player-V-Player). These town attacks take place several times per week at scheduled times, and players can add their own vehicles and characters to either the attacking pirates or the defending town militia. The pre-scheduled and consensual nature of these combats, together with the special rewards offered to participants, have all contributed to their success. The developers continue to seek ways to promote PvP gameplay in a way that is fun, logistically sensible, and which doesn't lead to "griefing".

Texan is a fast-growing new town in the East Badlands region. It controls production of fuel for the whole game continent and is therefore strategically very important. Shantyville is a small town inhabited by mutants and pirates that sits on the main trade route between Texan and the Badlands Truckstop. It exists as a parasite on this trade route, picking off enough valuable loot to survive.

The dynamic patching of maps means that each of the game's 60+ maps are not downloaded by a player until they first visit the map. This will facilitate adding many new maps to the game, without affecting the size of the core download. Players can therefore look forward to plenty of variety in the wilderness and on the racing circuit.

The revamped website offers a drop-down menu system that makes key game functions more readily available than they previously were. These menus are dynamic and allow players to add buddy gangs to their gangs menu, or recently accessed cars/characters to their Vehicles and Characters menus. Popup windows for displaying vehicles and characters allow them to be kept onscreen for as long as required, rather than having to navigate forwards and backwards between shops and vehicle pages while performing gang management tasks.

According to game creator Sam Redfern, the player base continually provides useful feedback. The recent positive reviews the game has achieved, and the improvements to the game wouldn't be possible without these people. "I wanted to say thank you to the existing subscribers, and also encourage other people who have signed up to the game but not yet tried it to get stuck in. We therefore have decided to give a two weeks subscription to everyone in our database starting October 6th" stated Redfern.

Darkwind is enjoying increasing popularity with gamers and was awarded Game of the Month by Gametunnel in May (click for full review). It was rated "most addictive game 2009" in the Bytten Ernie Awards. This follows other favourable reviews from Flagship Magazine, Inside Mac Games, and Games For Windows Magazine.

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About Darkwind-War on Wheels

Darkwind is a turn-based, 3D persistent-world multiplayer wargame set in the near future. The simultaneous turn-based gameplay blends the fast play of a real-time game with the strategic depth and variety of a turn-based game, and therefore appeals to both real-time and turn-based enthusiasts. Darkwind Tactical facilitates combats without the requirement to build up resources in a persistent game-world.

The game is staged on a sparsely populated continent, one of the few surviving areas of civilisation. The focus of the game is on vehicular combat - cars with guns - both in the wilderness and in man-made arenas and racing circuits. Gameplay is split between a web interface (for strategic management) and a 3D interface which supports Windows and Mac OSX (for control of characters and vehicles during a combat or race).

  • Post-Apocalyptic Turn-Based On-line Wargame
  • Persistent Massively Multiplayer World (timescale ties to real-world time)
  • Detailed Combat System includes Complex Weapons Stats, Critical Hits, Injuries & Healing, Psychology & Leadership
  • Racing, Deathracing and Arena Combat Leagues
  • Design Your Own Cars
  • Repair, Maintain and Scavenge for Parts
  • Train Your Characters
  • Multiplayer Battles with Pirates, Traders, and Other Players
  • Wilderness Travel, Trading & Missions, Dynamic Economy

DW:Tactical is a sandbox version of the game targeted at those players who enjoy the challenge of PvP but wish to play combats without the requirement to build up their own resources in a persistent game-world