Established: 2026
The first centre of population established after the Solar Apocalypse, Elmsfield produces water from the lakes, and also controls a number of livestock farms. Other resources such as fuel and weapons are very expensive here, since they are brought from the factories and oil fields in the east and south, via the dangerous central 'Badlands' region. Elmsfield is a relatively safe town, well policed by the vigilante groups.

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Although it is a well-established town, Elmsfield is somewhat removed from the trade and combat of central Evan. It has the best hosiptal available and a decent training facility which specialises in teaching First Aid. The weapons skills as well as driving and scouting are taught poorly here. The local militia charge a typical fee of $250 for each arriving vehicle - this fee is reduced or waived for those who are considered allies, and increased for those who are considered enemies. This town is most closely aligned with the Civs faction.