Established: 2041
Gateway Truckstop is situated on the edge of the safe northern region, and operates in competition with the older Badlands Truck Stop as a stop-off point for hauliers and traders. Indeed some specialist traders spend their time 'running the gauntlet' between the two truck stops, through the most dangerous bandit territory on the continent. Many of the bandit gangs have set up their camps around this area, and some of the vigilante groups in Elmsfield and Somerset offer bounties on their heads.

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As a small population centre, Gateway has no training facility or hospital. However Trucker, Scouting and the weapons skills (especially Gunnery) can be learned here quite effectively. The local militia charge a typical fee of $600 for each arriving vehicle - this fee is reduced or waived for those who are considered allies, and increased for those who are considered enemies. This town is most closely aligned with the Merchants faction.