Established: 2032
Morgan possesses a fortuitous source of water in the streams emanating from the mountains at this place - these streams come from deep underground and are free of pollution. This lawless town grew up around this resource.

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Each player gang may only safely house 5 characters in Morgan. Any characters above that limit will become ill from lack of proper accommodation and food. Three times per week, Morgan comes under attack from local raiders. If all three attacks are repelled, that week all characters who are close to (or just above) their cap in their trained skill will enjoy a training boost at the time of the weekly training update (Friday morning). However, each successful attack will mean that goods, items, and vehicles may be lost from both the NPC shops and player lockups. The Morgan training boost is currently ON.

The attack dates are set by the Mayor of Morgan, currently *The X Man*. Upcoming attack dates:

Due to its small size and lawless nature, Morgan has no training facility. However the weapons skills can be learned here quite effectively. The local militia charge a typical fee of $300 for each arriving vehicle - this fee is reduced or waived for those who are considered allies, and increased for those who are considered enemies. This town is most closely aligned with the Morgan faction.