The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Steven WeaverKrashed and BurntThe Wilderness2020-05-29
Anna McGeeKrashed and BurntThe Wilderness2020-05-29
Issac ThibodeauxShanty Mob 420The Wilderness2020-05-29
Keenan 'KeeKee' KeenerSlaughterHouse Bath and LodginThe Wilderness2020-05-27
Robert GomesKrashed and BurntThe Wilderness2020-05-27
Arthur BickelKrashed and BurntThe Wilderness2020-05-27
Zulma ''Princess'' PratherMurphys MercsThe Wilderness2020-05-26
'Weak clone of' Leonard McCoyKrashed and BurntThe Wilderness2020-05-26
John McDanielsHells SaintsThe Wilderness2020-05-26
Kourtney 'Double B' BachBlood RosesThe Wilderness2020-05-23
'The Trickster' Hazel StrubleBlood RosesThe Wilderness2020-05-23
Evelyn 'Twitch' BouldinBlood RosesThe Wilderness2020-05-23
Aline 'Quick-Fix' HanBlood RosesThe Wilderness2020-05-23
William 'Scouty' SmithThe VanguardsThe Wilderness2020-05-23
Stanley 'Grenade' GoldJack In A CarThe Wilderness2020-05-23
John 'Leather One' AgeeThe Trouser AttacksThe Wilderness2020-05-23