The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Robert 'AT-AT' WalkerAnubis CartelGateway Whirlwind Racetrack2019-06-25
A solid 190s capper, longtime member of the Tronophiles, then the Anubis Cartel. Driver, scout, gunner, mech...there was nothing except for the mystical majiks of the Psi that AT-AT couldn`t do. His life ended from a minor knock to the head, in a pro race, of all things. *Sam* bless concrete pylons, inaccurate hit boxes, and irregular damage awards
Dan 'TURN THE PAGE' PaigeGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2019-06-17
Scott 'OMLETTE' OuelletteGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2019-06-17
eaten after a bad scout, thinking this would be a good place to set up, not so good mother bug popped up directly behind them and ate lefty, then scrambled ommlette with a poison stick all while being unloaded on by the others.
'LEFTY' Stanley CoteGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2019-06-17
was the scorge of somerset during the early 2090`s, becomming detested by the locals, made a bid to upseat acid tripper, but was taken down by the avengers, too bad, guess we wont let left handers try to over throw that old hippy.
Jerome 'Pootie' TangThe DarksideThe Wilderness2019-06-16
Pootie was a good gunner, not a good driver. Fast car, jagged terrain led to an unfortunate front end collision. Lucky that the Gang Leader on board survived this transport, unlucky that it led her to The Pit.
Terry 'da Psyco' MoserRabid GroundhogsThe Wilderness2019-06-15
Andrea 'SHAVED BEAVER' HarrisGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2019-06-11
Timothy 'The Precog' ProffittDanterrans DilettantesThe Wilderness2019-06-11
'The Ballad of' Paul BallardThe Iron Chode of BaphometThe Wilderness2019-06-09
Maurice GrossFireWolfThe Wilderness2019-06-09
'Sunshine' Deborah SmithUnicycle BoyzThe Pit2019-06-08
Joanne 'DOUBLE D' DoucetteGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2019-06-07
Stephen ConroyScarzams SandmenThe Wilderness2019-06-06
Jeff JohnsonDirty LickinsThe Wilderness2019-06-02
flipped car.....
'Sir' Charlie ScottRabid GroundhogsThe Wilderness2019-05-31
Caitlin GalushaDirty LickinsThe Wilderness2019-05-30
3 dead by fire....stupid ram