The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
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Amanda 'Moon Dance' StarnesThe TacticalsThe Wilderness2019-03-25
If it weren`t for that love tap from our Lorry after the fencing defied the laws of physics, Amanda might have made a good maiden...

An innocent flower, now plucked from its stem.
'Deceased' Adam NavarreteProduce_VendorsThe Wilderness2019-03-23
eh, too much time off. He was quite the Vendor back in the day.
Chelsea 'Chomper' WilcoxenThe Wolf SpidersDouble Down Arena2019-03-23
Eric 'HURRICANE' SykesGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2019-03-19
Dorothy DecluePerforatedPooGateway Interstate Pedestrian Arena2019-03-19
John ThomasSteel ClanSomerset Junkyard Arena2019-03-16
Philip 'Hacksaw' HowardThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2019-03-15
Robert 'Ripper' RoseThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2019-03-15
Steven 'Seagull' AthertonThe Wolf SpidersThe Wilderness2019-03-15
Magdalena 'Whore' HelmProduce_VendorsThe Wilderness2019-03-13
'Quarterback' Maryanne ClarkEl NubnubsThe Wilderness2019-03-10
Larry StoneDirty LickinsThe Wilderness2019-03-10
Mechanic of all mechanics, sniper of the heavens. Popping shot and piecing cars was his gig. As the cars lay scattered the fallen enemy fired rockets in to the car yet larry drove on. As his arm burst in to pieces, Larry charged on. Schrapnel to the brain and he went out as he had done the others. The circle was complete.
James RodriguezKaytis KillersDouble Down Arena2019-03-08
Charles 'Death Wish' BronsonThe Iron Chode of BaphometSomerset Hospital2019-03-08
Jill 'Knuckles' WhiteScarzams SandmenThe Wilderness2019-03-05
Richard 'RUSTY TOOL' ArnettGO FORNICATE YERSELFThe Wilderness2019-03-02