The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
'DaaAAMMNN!!!' Dennis MatusSuperAwesome VillainsForever!The Wilderness2017-11-17
'Princess' Maria BarnesRabid GroundhogsThe Wilderness2017-11-16
Shirley 'Wrench Wench' RuffinThe IntolerantsThe Wilderness2017-11-15
Shirley was our Wrench Wench. Her last trip out she went with her buddy Ollie and a couple rookies, just showing them the ropes. They ran into a group of Crusaders and it looked easy enough so they picked a spot to engage them and rounded on them. Then things went horribly wrong, damn rookie driver fubared a simple turn and went head on right into him, trashing the armor, engine, and damaging the guns. Shirley tried to motivate them but couldn`t get out and make repairs under a hail of gatling gun and rocket fire. Shortly they gave up their cars and started walking back to Somerset. Damn rookies!

Somewhere along the `Highway to Hell` a group of Mutated Centipede looking freak bugs started chasing them. These bugs bored into the ground so the couldn`t shoot them, so they all ran along the pavement hoping the bugs couldn`t bore through that. Well they maybe couldn`t, but next thing they pop up all around them on the edge of the pavement, giving them a few shots before they were in melee. Shirley bested a couple and was the last one standing, but she fell in the end. Damn freak bugs!
Christopher 'Romeo' RomeroDESOLATION.ANGLESThe Wilderness2017-11-13
'Fancy' Nancy OrtizMercykillersThe Wilderness2017-11-13
Gia 'Dead Eye' SachsMercykillersThe Wilderness2017-11-13
Rex 'Is Always' WrightEternal TravelersThe Wilderness2017-11-13
Maureen CoxBlur Syndic ateThe Wilderness2017-11-12
Elvis BerryBlur Syndic ateThe Wilderness2017-11-12
Oscar BerryBlur Syndic ateThe Wilderness2017-11-12
Dan 'The Man' BrooksScarzams JokersDouble Down Arena2017-11-11
'Black Widow' Rosalyn DoeMetal MothertruckersSomerset Hospital2017-11-10
Richard WhiteScarzams JokersSomerset Arena2017-11-10
Zack ZiglerMetal MothertruckersGateway Interstate Pedestrian Arena2017-11-08
What a battle! Jaclyn and Frank were down fast. The other blue team members were wiped out fast. Those red motherfrackers were deadly shots. Old Zack went one against four. The last betty got him with one shot, and it was a doozy. RIP Zack Zigler.
Buster BearRenshaiThe Wilderness2017-11-08
Darrell SpoonerRenshaiThe Wilderness2017-11-08