The Hall of Fame lists all high-skilled player characters who have died in the game.

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Died At
Died Date
Nathan FoxShineyThe Wilderness2017-07-16
April 'The Reaver' ReevesCryptKeepersThe Wilderness2017-07-15
Leslie 'Gilles' VillanuevaHarrys HerosThe Wilderness2017-07-15
'Mad' Mary WatsonCryptKeepersThe Wilderness2017-07-15
Jason 'the razor' Rogersthe fablous gordThe Wilderness2017-07-14
'LOOOOONG shot' Scott Salvothe fablous gordThe Wilderness2017-07-14
Robert LooneyDevilz RejectzThe Wilderness2017-07-12
dope head!
'Gun Dog' Christopher CunninghamHarrys HerosThe Wilderness2017-07-10
Saul 'Steady' StewartHolistic Detective AgencyThe Wilderness2017-07-08
William 'Overload' OberlanderKaizers OrchestraThe Wilderness2017-07-06
'Ranger' Lyman ClintonDevilz RejectzSomerset Junkyard Track 32017-07-02
A decent scout/mech died young in a deathrace probably due to his addictions.
Edward PilgerShineyThe Wilderness2017-07-01
Marc 'Easy' StreetPee Wees PlayhouseThe Wilderness2017-06-30
Michael 'Zombie Killer' McKayMirrored PainSomerset Hospital2017-06-30
Barbara NunezJoels BastardsSomerset Hospital2017-06-30
Michael DominguezShineyRing of Death Arena2017-06-27