Darkwind Tactical: for players who enjoy the challenge of PvP but wish to play combats without the requirement to build up their own resources in a persistent game-world.

May 1, 2009 Psychic Software Press Release


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Darkwind, the multiplayer on-line turn based strategy war game announced this week the launch of Darkwind-Tactical. DW-Tactical is targeted at those players who enjoy the challenge of PvP but wish to play combats without the requirement to build up their own resources in a persistent game-world. Players choose the map, the precise vehicle configurations and the characters involved. They can set a time, date and password for the event to ensure that only invited participants can attend. Players get to make their selection from an impressive 52 types of chassis, 57 types of weapon, 19 types of engines and 47 wilderness maps.
A spokesperson for the game, PRO Olena Korskii indicated that "Darkwind tactical does not represent a shift away from the persistent game-world that current players enjoy so much, it came about as a result of the recognition that there are many people who enjoy the strategy/combat elements of the game, but do not wish to immerse themselves in a persistent game-world. The addition of Darkwind-Tactical facilitates both kinds of players: some of the persistent game-world players enjoy it on occasion, but it is attracting new players who may just want to spend a few hours every now and then in a strategy combat without any on-going time commitment to the persistent world"

Game creator Sam Redfern is actively involved in discussions with players through the community forums, which influence much of the games direction. Sam maintains "Darkwind has a great player base whose main aim is to have fun in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Ongoing interaction with the game community allows me to continuously improve the game play, and that's what it's all about. These guys are great and even run a community-driven newspaper The Darkwind Gazette and also the Darkwind Wiki. The Sand-Box approach taken with the introduction Darkwind-Tactical was largely a result of the interaction between development and the game's community"
Darkwind is enjoying increasing popularity with gamers and was awarded "most addictive game 2009" in the Bytten Ernie Awards. Bytten reviewer Andrew Williams indicated he had "never encountered a game quite as addictive as Darkwind" This follows other favourable reviews from Flagship Magazine, Inside Mac Games, and Games For Windows Magazine last year.

To experience Darkwind-Tactical go to and "sign up", accounts are activated within 60 minutes of sign-up. You will be emailed your password as soon as your account is active.



About Darkwind-War on Wheels

Darkwind is a turn-based, 3D persistent-world multiplayer wargame set in the near future. The simultaneous turn-based gameplay blends the fast play of a real-time game with the strategic depth and variety of a turn-based game, and therefore appeals to both real-time and turn-based enthusiasts. Darkwind Tactical facilitates combats without the requirement to build up resources in a persistent game-world.

The game is staged on a sparsely populated continent, one of the few surviving areas of civilisation. The focus of the game is on vehicular combat - cars with guns - both in the wilderness and in man-made arenas and racing circuits. Gameplay is split between a web interface (for strategic management) and a 3D interface which supports Windows and Mac OSX (for control of characters and vehicles during a combat or race).
  • Post-Apocalyptic Turn-Based On-line Wargame
  • Persistent Massively Multiplayer World (timescale ties to real-world time)
  • Detailed Combat System includes Complex Weapons Stats, Critical Hits, Injuries & Healing, Psychology & Leadership
  • Racing, Deathracing and Arena Combat Leagues
  • Design Your Own Cars
  • Repair, Maintain and Scavenge for Parts
  • Train Your Characters
  • Multiplayer Battles with Pirates, Traders, and Other Players
  • Wilderness Travel, Trading & Missions, Dynamic Economy
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