Criminal Underworld
Gang Information

User's other gang: Blaze Mafia (SCAVENGER)

Gang Id: 20283
Owner: Groovelle
Darkwind Premium Member: Yes
Global Fame: anonymous
Home Town: Somerset
Open for PvP?: YES
Primary Faction: None (Renegade)

SomersetLocally well known
ElmsfieldLocally anonymous
GatewayLocally anonymous
BadlandsLocally anonymous
TexanLocally anonymous
SarsfieldLocally anonymous
MorganLocally anonymous
FirelightLocally anonymous
ShantyvilleLocally anonymous

Badlands TruckstopNeutral
Deathrace MafiaNeutral
Evan RedsNeutral

Oh the shark, babe
Has such teeth, dear
And it shows them
Pearly white

Just a jack knife
Has old MacHeath, babe
And he keeps it, uh
Out of sight

You know when that shark bites
With its teeth, babe
Scarlet billows
Star to spread

Fancy gloves, though
Wears old MacHeath babe
So theres never,
Never a trace of red

Now on the sidewalk, a-huh, huh
Ooh, sunny morning, a-huh
Lies a body
Just a-oozing life, ekk!

And someones sneakin
Round the corner
Could that someone
Be Mack the Knife?

Theres a tugboat, huh, huh, a-huh
Down by the river, doncha know?
Where a cement bag
Just a-droopin on down

Oh, that cement is just,
Its there for the weight, dear
Fivell get ya
Ten ol Mackys back in town

Did you hear about Louie Miller?
He disappeared, babe
After drawin out
All his hard earned cash

And now MacHeath spends
Just like a sailor
Could it be our boys
Down something rash?

Ah, Jenny Diver
Yeah, Suki Tawdry
Ooh, Miss Lotte Lenya
And ole Lucy Brown

Oh, the line forms
On the right, babe
Now that Mackys
Back in town

I said Jenny Diver
Whoa, Suki Tawdry
Look out to Miss Lotte Lenya
And ole Lucy Brown

Yes that line forms
On the right, babe
Now that Mackys
Back in town

Look out ol Macky is back!